Client Start Year End Year
Dairy Farmers of America 2021 Current
MilkPEP Got Milk? 2020 Current
Chipotle Mexican Grill 2018 Current
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino 2019 Current
Pella Windows & Doors 2019 Current
1-800-Got-Junk 2020 Current
Abbott Diagnostics 2020 Current
Abbott Laboratories (Freestyle) 2020 Current
AdTalem Global Education 2018 Current
Aetna Healthcare 2020 Current

GALE was founded in 2014 with a purpose - to be a company that could help businesses grow by unlocking the lifetime value of customers. How would we do that? By being true business partners to our clients, not just a media or marketing partner. Our ambition was - and still is - to bring business insights to brand storytelling and activate them across every channel... from CRM, creative and video to search, social, digital and all the other online experiences your customers and prospects have with your brand.

In the beginning, CRM and Loyalty were our bread-and-butter superpowers. However, to service the evolving needs of our clients, we have grown over the last 7 years and now combine that expertise with a refined skill of helping our partners migrate their customers through specific, discrete journeys that get real, significant results.

Our approach is always to start with the most precise articulation of audiences possible. With an ISO-certified data layer of 230M+ individual Americans, we never target “Hard Working Americans” or “Small Businesses” - rather, we have the ability to target people at a 1:1 level and understand how Myra in Scottsdale, Arizona is different from Maria in Nashville, Tennessee. From their demographic differences down to their psychographic nuances - Myra and Maria are unique, and we know how to use the data to drill into those differences and deliver personalized media to make each of the move in different ways. Our media talks to real people; never broad stereotypes.

Early in 2019, our holding company, MDC Partners, connected a number of agencies together into its first network - a creative, data-driven, media-led one. So here we are, 7 years later. At heart, we’re still CRM and data nerds.
But now we’ve got world-class creative chops and the industry-tilting media muscles from Assembly - hence, why we sometimes call ourselves "GALE+".

More and more brands are turning to us for fully integrated solutions, because at GALE we work with brands to move people aligned to what the business needs. Whether it’s inspiring people and moving them from unaware to aware or moving people through the journey of the brand’s ecosystem in the most relevant and meaningful ways.

With GALE you will find:

--> An actual business partner with creative chops to bring the story home
--> An obsession with getting the strategy right - because that means you will get the creative and media right
-->Radical collaborators that can seamlessly embed other agencies and partners
-->Communications plans mixing own and paid. Deep publisher integrations to drive unique content experiences
--> First party data experts who find real insights

GALE currently has offices in New York, Detroit, Austin, Los Angeles, Singapore, Toronto, and Bengaluru.

For information on GALE visit:

  • Robyn Cauchy

    Robyn Cauchy

    Director, Customer Insights and Research

  • Jon Schaaf

    Jon Schaaf

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Marc Parillo

    Marc Parillo

    Head of of Data Strategy

  • Shannon Pruitt

    Shannon Pruitt

    President of Content; Managing Director

  • Geoff Edwards

    Geoff Edwards

    Executive Creative Director

  • Michael  Fanuele

    Michael Fanuele

    President of Media; Head of Strategy

  • Andrew  Noel

    Andrew Noel

    Managing Director

  • Winston Binch

    Winston Binch

    Chief Brand & Experience Officer

  • Brad Simms

    Brad Simms