Reverse Weave Week | ʞɘɘW ɘvɒɘW ɘƨɿɘvɘЯ



On October 13th 2021, Champion Athleticwear announced that it would be celebrating their franchise with the first ever “Reverse Weave Week!” The week, full of giveaways and collabs, run through October 19th to acknowledge the anniversary of their most iconic patent – the Reverse Weave – which was finalized on October 14th, 1952. Reverse Weave Week was created to recognize one of the most famous fashion items that has not gotten the attention it deserves. In 2017, the Reverse Weave was included in the MoMA’s “Is Fashion Modern” exhibit as one of the 111 items that have shaped the history of fashion. Today, you see Reverse Weave on just about every celebrity and consumer of the past couple generations. We helped Champion reverse everything, to celebrate the brand properly. As an extension of reversing things, Champion teamed up with the creator of the famous “Renegade” TikTok dance, Jalaiah Harmon, to create a “reversed” version of the viral sensation. The 14-year-old famously did not receive proper credit for the dance’s creation, and Champion is out to reverse that too. Participants who took on Jalaiah’s TikTok #ReverseRenegade were entered for a chance to win a Reverse Reverse Weave. This limited run of 52 Champion Reverse Weave hoodies had, for the first time ever, reversed Champion branding too.